ReVision Optics: European study shows positive results for inlay in emmetropic presbyopic patients

Print 25 Июня 2013

PARIS – Results of the EuroKLEAR multicenter showed the safety and efficacy of the ReVision Optics Raindrop aspheric corneal inlay in emmetropic presbyopic patients.

The inlay, formerly known as the Vue+ and PresbyLens, has a diameter of 2 mm, is 30 µm thick and is designed to gently reshape the anterior cornea, providing near and intermediate vision in the nondominant eye.

Sabine Derrien, MD, one of the study investigators at Brest University, presented the results of the first 30 patients treated in the study at the meeting of the French Society of Ophthalmology.

Sabine Derrien, MD

Sabine Derrien

"Binocularly, 80% of the patients read J1 or better and 100% read J2 or better within a week from implantation. Distance vision is 20/25 or better in all the patients," Derrien said.

No discomfort or visual symptoms were reported.

"Patients use no add for reading, but intensive and computer work might require the use of spectacles in some cases," she said.

Patients should be told that this way of addressing presbyopia requires acceptance of a small compromise and works only in binocular vision, she recommended.

At 1 year, patients in the study showed a high degree of satisfaction, with 92% of them saying that they were "highly" or "completely" satisfied with the results.

The Raindrop inlay seems well-tolerated, Derrien said. Because it requires a thin flap, dry eye symptoms are limited. Reversibility is an added advantage of the procedure.

Disclosure: Derrien is an investigator in the study.

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