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RusnanoMedInvest (RMI, subsidiary of RUSNANO) is Russia’s and Eastern Europe’s largest venture capital company specializing in innovative developments in the field of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology

RMI venture fund is currently managed by RMI Partners, a venture capital company focused on breakthrough developments of pharmaceutical products and technologies.  

RMI was created in March 2012. Initial funding - $380 million. The investor of RMI is RUSNANO, the nanotechnology investment, research and development arm of the Russian Government. 

The key strategic objective RusnanoMedInvest is to create a Russian-domiciled locus of  world-class expertise in venture capital fundraising, deal origination and execution in  Life Sciences, with a clear focus on innovative pharmaceutical projects backed by sustainable, cutting edge technologies.

RusnanoMedInvest  is now evaluating a wide range of life sciences and pharmaceuticals investment opportunities with a view to investing in approximately 20 promising technologies and localizing these technologies in Russia.

Ultimately the goal of these investments and associated localization strategies is to significantly reduce the introduction lead time of new and innovative medicines and medical devices in Russia targeted at delivering significant therapeutic benefits and efficiencies in disease areas that are classified as socially significant complex, poorly treated and widely prevalent diseases in Russia  in cases where no domestically sourced, effective treatment methods are available today.

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  • Pfizer and NovaMedica Complete Strategic Partnership Agreement for the Technology Transfer of 30 Key Medicines

    Pfizer and NovaMedica Complete Strategic Partnership Agreement for the Technology Transfer of 30 Key Medicines

    Pfizer Inc, one of the world’s premier biopharmaceutical companies and NovaMedica, a Russian pharmaceutical company established by Rusnano and Domain Associates, have completed the last stage of negotiations for a long-term strategic partnership designed to transfer the rights and technologies for the production of more than 30 life-saving and essential drugs from the Pfizer product portfolio. The deal will enable Pfizer and NovaMedica to improve the health of patients in Russia and modernize the Russian pharmaceutical industry.

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