Binx Health

Stage of funding:Current
Therapeutic group:Infectious Diseases


Binx Health develops ultra-rapid point-of-care (POC) diagnostic tests for infectious diseases. The Atlas io® Reader uses patented technology based on the use of a novel electrochemical sensor that combines speed, accuracy and multiplex detection capability. The Company has its head office and laboratory facilities near Bath in the UK.

Atlas develops ultra-rapid point-of-care diagnostic tests for infectious diseases. The io® system is at an advanced stage of development. The io® system is a highly novel molecular diagnostic system for the ultra-rapid diagnosis of a broad range of infectious diseases. It is based on a patent-protected electrochemical sensor technology that combines speed, accuracy and low manufacturing costs. The fully integrated cartridge contains all reagents on board and is designed to receive an unprocessed clinical specimen. The cartridge is then inserted into the reader instrument which then completes the three-stage process of sample preparation, DNA amplification and electrochemical detection, to analyse the patient’s sample for the target infection. Each cartridge can carry out up to 24 different tests from a single patient sample. The io® system offers a ‘sample to answer’ time of under 30 minutes making it possible to carry out infectious disease tests in primary care clinics and physicians’ offices that are as accurate as those carried out in hospital laboratories. This will enable clinicians to test and commence treatment within the same appointment and ensure much improved compliance, particularly in the area of STIs, where a significant proportion of patients fail to return for test results or follow-on treatment.


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