Hydrogel corneal inlay improves near, intermediate, distance vision at 3 months

Print 17 February 2014
Matt Hasson / Healio Ophthalmology

A hydrogel corneal inlay improved near, intermediate and distance vision, regardless of preoperative refractive error, according to a study presented at Hawaiian Eye 2014.

Roger F. Steinert, MD, OSN Cornea/External Disease Board Member, spoke about the Raindrop near vision inlay (ReVision Optics).

“This is really better than anybody expected,” Steinert said. “It’s providing uninterrupted functional vision and satisfaction across a very wide range of preop refractive errors. … We think the real sweet spot is going to be somewhere around the very low hyperopic side and not higher than +1.5 D.”

Roger F. Steinert

The study included 188 patients with a mean age of 51 years and mean preoperative manifest refraction between –0.5 D and +1.5 D.

Mean postoperative monocular uncorrected near visual acuity exceeded 20/25 and approached 20/20 in all eyes at 3 months. Near visual acuity was unaffected by age and preoperative refractive error, Steinert said.

Mean monocular uncorrected intermediate visual acuity exceeded 20/25 in all eyes.

Mean monocular uncorrected distance visual acuity decreased slightly in eyes with manifest refraction of –0.5 D to +0.5 D but improved in eyes with manifest refraction of +0.75 D to +1.5 D. Distance visual acuity was 20/25 or better in eyes with preoperative refraction of +0.25 D to +1.5 D.

Mean patient satisfaction was four on a scale of five, Steinert said. 

Disclosure: Steinert is medical monitor in U.S. Food and Drug Administration clinical trials for ReVision Optics.



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